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Business Outline and Our Advantage
Look at the Silhouette of the Next Generation
Our original material and pattern information is the base for our high sensitivity to planning, proposals and production.
What is the sense that strongly appeals to the joy of wearing clothes in the modern age where varied values are firmly rooted, boldly mixing basic and trendy clothing? Toko Shoji Apparel continues to accept and meet the challenges of our business and the marketplace from design to a dependable sales approach by using our textile know-how. Our apparel industry strategy model covers a wide range from developing our own brands at Toko Limy Co., Ltd. to producing designs for brands that subcontract to us. We have our own unique skill and planning power at Toko Shoji to handle your needs. Our production motto is "Production in Suitable Locations". While mainly based on overseas production, we have built diversified production systems that can also provide high value added products with domestic production.
Toko Limy Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing and wholesaling for men's, women's, and children's casual clothing
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