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Message from Top Management

Since our establishment in 1936, TOKO SHOJI has been supported by your great patronage during the period of over 80 years.
Here, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you.

We, TOKO SHOJI Group, are constantly promoting reform and innovation to meet the needs of the times, while we are determined to become a one-century-established business to respect and inherit our traditions.

We move forward to the business restructuring with no delay, based on the precise marketing, in response to the rapidly-changing social environment and the diversification in values.In 2017, we have launched a new organization to change ourselves into a leaner and more streamlined company.

Besides the textile business as our initiated business, we are enthusiastically expanding to the apparel and the lifestyle-related business, and to a business developing highly value-added products. We aim that TOKO SHOJI Group continuously enhances its corporate value through globalization and advancement, as if fabric as the Company is woven with “warp” as tradition and “woof” as innovation.

I would appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

Keisuke Mitsui

Company Profile

Company name TOKO SHOJI CO., LTD.
Business commenced March 3, 1936
Foundation April 1, 1942
President Keisuke Mitsui
Capital 360 million yen
Yearly Revenue US$ 158million
Number of Employees 102persons
Business Domestic transaction, imports, exports and cross trading of textile, graments, and fashion goods
real estate purchasing, selling, and leasing; insurance agent and warehousing
Head Office 9F/10F Mitsubishi Heavy Indusutries,Osaka Bldg. 1-3-20,Tosabori,Nishi-ku,Osaka 550-0001,Japan.
Board Members Keisuke Mitsui
President and CEO
Hiroyuki Arimoto
Senior Managing Director and COO
Masahide Kamamatsu
Managing Director
Masahiro Okumura
Masato Miyabe

Hiroshi Ogawa
Kiyoshi Yokogawa