Company Profile

Shiro Mitsui – Profile

Shiro Mitsui (1911 – 2004) was born in Shiga Prefecture.

He started working as an apprentice for Seibu Shoten in Semba, Osaka at his age of 15.
Five years later, he expanded business to Korea and Taiwan to acquire know-how of overseas business.

In 1936, he founded “Mitsui Shoten,” a predecessor organization of our company.
In 1942, he established “TOKO SHOJI CO., LTD.” which played a leading role in Semba, the textile business area.
In 1950 and thereafter, he developed not only East Asian market, but also global markets, such as Africa, Middle East, Middle and South America, and the U.S., to do export business.
He also focused on establishing overseas bases and started a joint venture in Taiwan in 1967.
In 1973, he established a local subsidiary in Hong Kong. Domestically, he made every effort to develop a community of Minoh Semba Danchi in Minoh City, so-called the second Semba area, where many textile-related businesses have converged.

He was greatly contributing to the development and advancement of the textile industry, taking office as Chairman of Osaka Textile Industry Association in 1973, and as other important posts thereafter.

1936 Started Mitsui Shoten dealing with various fabric by Founder Shiro Mitsui at Yariya-machi 1-chome, Osaka, doing export business to China and to South-East Asian countries, as well as domestic trade.
1942 Established TOKO SHOJI CO., LTD. at Karamono-machi 3-chome, Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1947 Relocated the head office to Honmachi 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Osaka, conducting rations of silk and rayon fabrics, and garments.
1949 Relocated the head office to Kyutaro-machi 3-chome, Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1953 Relocated the head office to Azuchi-machi 4-chome, Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1955 Opened Tokyo Branch Office at Nihonbashihama-cho 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1962 Newly built “Toko Building” for the head office, at Azuchi-machi 4-chome, Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1970 Separated Real Estate Division to establish "Toko Real Estate CO., LTD.” Opened an office in Hong Kong.
1971 Newly built Toko No. 2 Building inside the textile-related industrial complex, COM ART HILL, in Minoh City. Established TOKO LIMY CO., LTD.
1973 Established TOKO SHOJI (HK) CO., LTD.
1974 Newly built Toko Building for Tokyo Branch Office.
1975 Newly built Toko No. 3 Building inside COM ART HILL, in Minoh City.
1984 Relocated Tokyo Branch Office to the current location in Harajuku.
1986 Shiro Mitsui, President and Representative Director, took office as Chairman and Representative Director, and Yoshiharu Mitsui, Vice President and Representative Director, took office as President and Representative Director.
Yoshiharu Mitsui – Profile

Yoshiharu Mitsui was born in 1943 in Hyogo Prefecture.

He joined TOKO SHOJI in 1966, then, successively held the Company posts, including Project Manager, Director, and Vice President.
In 1986, he took office as President and Representative Director.
Shifting from a fixed exchange rate system to a floating exchange rate system at the beginning of 1970s, when the Japan’s export size for textile goods was shrunk, he transformed the business structure from textile export, as the Company’s primary business, into apparel import.

In 1992, he established an affiliated company in Shanghai to have led the Company to steady growth.

He adopted a personnel system reflecting his honest principle “Equality to everyone is not fair,” and promoted creation of ideal workplace and enhancement of IT infrastructure.

He has made efforts to develop the textile industry, taking offices as various important posts, such as, Chief Director of Japan Foundation of Textile Testing, Director Emeritus of Kansai Fashion Co-operative Association, and Director/Advisor of Osaka Semba Fashion Co-operative Association.

1992 Opened Shanghai Office.
2001 Opened New Deli Office.
2017 Yoshiharu Mitsui, President and Representative Director, took office as Adviser, and Keisuke Mitsui, Executive Vice President, took office as President and Representative Director.
Mar. 2018 Relocated Head Office to Tosabori, Nishi-ku, Osaka.
Keisuke Mitsui – Profile

Keisuke Mitsui was born in 1972 in Hyogo Prefecture.

He graduated in Business Administration from Konan University, and after working at Toyo Menka Kaisha, Ltd., he joined TOKO SHOJI in 1999, when he moved to Boston for study.
Since the year of 2000, he studied at Hofstra University in New York, where he obtained an MBA. In 2002, he started working at HY Consulting New York.

In 2004, he was appointed to Managing Director at TOKO SHOJI.
In 2005, he took office as Executive Director.
In 2007, he took office as Managing Director.
After being appointed to Executive Vice President in 2010, he took office as President and Representative Director in June 2017.